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It is June in 2010 and I’m lying in a hospital bed completely blind. I was perfectly fine just days earlier. Now it’s quiet and there is nothing I can do but roam in my thoughts from my past life to the uncertainty of my future life. My thoughts often took me back to my birthplace and childhood home of Lewiston, Maine where many of my family still live and to Portland where I attended and graduated from the Maine College of Art (MECA). It was at MECA that I discovered the beauty of the photographic medium. What will my future be like if I am unable to see and create images? There are many who function well in a blind world, but my dream has always been to devote full time to photography. My thoughts moved from my very fulfilling past, for which I have been extremely blessed and fortunate to have lived, to thoughts of a future I can’t imagine. I praise God everyday for the miraculous return of my eyesight. The quality of my vision did change however, and although challenging I am able to continue to work due to the advancement of digital technology.

Life had taken me on many different life travels. After graduating from MECA I purchased a Pinto station wagon and set it up to be a home on wheels. A few months after leaving Maine I ended up finding myself in Madison, Wisconsin where I decided to settle. There I taught Cibachrome color printing at the university, managed a few cafe’s, owned and managed various art galleries, opened a youth center, managed a student housing rental business and created a photography themed bed and breakfast inn which I operated for 22 years. Add to that a marriage and the raising of two wonderful children into adulthood. 


In 2017 I sold the inn and returned to my home state of Maine choosing Rockport as the location to set up my new home. The decision to relocate to the Rockport area was due to the the fact that the area soundly supports the arts. I give special thanks to Maine Media Workshops for the marvelous courses I took in 2018/2019 that helped me get moving forward artistically through the great people I've met there and the knowledge, support, confidence and momentum they have given me.